Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yema Candy for a Sprinkle Bakes Giveaway!

This is looooooong overdue.  I mean like 6 months overdue!  I have been planning this giveaway for months, but pregnancy and baby got in the way.  But finally things have cleared up and I have an amazing giveaway!

Sprinkle Bakes is one of my very favorite bloggers!  I am obsessed with everything Heather makes.  Each and every item is perfectly beautiful.  Her pieces aren't just any normal dessert, they are works of art.  Her book has 200+ pages of awe-insipiring desserts.  She outlines basics like Chocolate Cake and American Buttercream and showcases recipes such Candy Nesting Bowls and Homemade Fondant and Modeling Chocolate.  Heather goes into incredible detail to make her extravagant recipes look easy.  

When deciding which recipe to make from Sprinkle Bakes, these Yema Candy really stood out to me.  They looked so delicate and soft, and {most important!} easy.  Turns out they were all that and more.

Lucky for you, Sprinkle Bakes is giving away a copy of her book!  
To enter the giveaway, all you need is do is head on over to Sprinkle Bakes blog and choose your favorite recipe of hers.  Leave a comment below stating what you choose.  

For an additional entry, follow me on twitter {@KrissyCreations} and tweet and about this giveaway.  Be sure to leave an additional comment stating that you did so.  

The giveaway ends on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 11:59pm PST.  The winner will be announced next week.

Good luck!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Ezekiel Update! {4 months}

Happy Monday!

Even though I pretty much talk about baby Ezekiel in every one of my posts {I hope that's OK!}, I haven't done a formal update for a few months.  Well here it goes!

Ezekiel turns 4 months this week!  I know you probably hear it all the time, but it seriously is amazing how fast time flies.  I swear just last week I was pregnant and now I have baby boy that is growing like crazy.  He recently had a huge growth spurt and is now about 16 pounds and 25 inches long.  He was born at 7 pounds, 12 ounces, so he already has doubled his weight.  There have been no problems with eating or gaining weight - Thank God!  

He eats 5 times a day, about every 3 hours (except for his last bottle before bed is only about 1.5 hours in-between), and eats about 7 ounces each feeding.  I breastfeed him twice a day and the other 3 feedings are with a bottle -- 2 are with formula and 1 is with pumped breastmilk.  We started feeding him formula consistently at about 3 months.  Breastfeeding is a full-time job and was a huge toll on my body so we decided to supplement with formula for just a couple of feedings (1 in the middle of the day and 1 right before bedtime).  He still gets the benefits of breastmilk while giving my body a break.  It was a hard decision, but I'm very happy with it.  

One thing I will tell you is that breastfeeding is not a walk in the park.  At the beginning, it's hard.  Really hard.  I cried pretty much everyday the first month of breastfeeding because it hurt so bad.  For some woman the pain of breastfeeding is over within a couple weeks; but for me it lasted 3 months.  The pain at the beginning was unbearable (I had to stop for 1 full week and pump each feeding because it hurt so bad), but it was an uphill battle and i'm happy to say that now it's pain free.  Thank you Jesus!

Other than breastfeeding, one major struggle for both Steve and I was getting Ezekiel to sleep throughout the night.  All babies are different and some start sleeping throughout the night from 1 month and some don't start until about 6 months.  I, of course, was really hoping Ezekiel would get there before 6 months.  At about 1 month, Ezekiel started sleeping about 5-7 hours a night.  For his age, that was a lot!  We were ecstatic!  But then something happened at 2 months and he started waking after only 4 hours every night.  After many sleepless nights we realized that Ezekiel was not waking up because he was hungry but out of habit.  I spoke to the pediatrician and he said that the only thing that will break this habit was to let him "Cry it Out" (pretty much let him cry himself back to sleep).  At the beginning, I told Steve that I would never do this.  It's too hard to see my little baby cry.  BUT after 2 very tiring days where both Steve and Ezekiel were sick, I let Ezekiel cry himself back to sleep.  This was probably one of the hardest things we had to do.  I laid in bed staring at the monitor, praying he would fall back asleep.  Finally, after 45 minutes (SOOO long I know! The pediatrician said to let him cry for up to 1 hour before going in) he fell back asleep!  The next night he cried for 30 minutes and then the next night he cried for 15.  After that night he stopped waking up and started sleeping throughout the night!  It was a miracle!  Now he goes to sleep around 6:30pm and sleeps for about 11 hours, wakes up for pacifier and then goes back to sleep until his morning wake up time around 7am.  YAH!

Ezekiel has been accomplishing many milestones.  He can roll over from his tummy to his back (he doesn't do it a lot but he definitely does it), and is really close from rolling over from his back to him tummy.  Now that he can fully support his head, he plays in his jumper a lot and is in his big-boy stroller where he sits up himself.  He already loves to play and he's super interested in seeing how his toys make noise and light up.  He's holds onto his toys as well as hits and pulls them -- You can tell he's a really strong baby.  

Two major things that haven't clearly happened but I can tell are really soon are teething and crawling.  He chews on his hands a ton (they seriously are in his mouth at all times) and he is always drooling.  The pediatrician said he will probably start teething around 4 months so I know he'll start any day now. Crawling won't happen as soon but I can tell he'll be an early crawler.  His muscles just need to get a little bit stronger and bigger and then he'll be crawling all over the place.  Baby proofing here we come!

One struggle that we are still trying to get through is Ezekiel's hatred of being in his car seat in the car.  He is fine with a quick trip to the grocery store or Target, but anything more than 15 minutes he starts crying, some whaling.  We've tried many things, different toys, noises, having the windows down/up, loud music, no music, and much more, but nothing works.  Sometimes one little toy that lights up and plays music calms him down (and sometimes even puts his to sleep!) in the car, but it's not a for-sure winner.  We're hoping as he gets older he'll get used to the car, I just hope that's sooner than later!  If you have any suggestions on how to get little Ezekiel to like his car seat and the car, I'd love to hear!

I can seriously sit here and talk about Ezekiel forever, but I'll spare you and stop before I get into every single detail of Ezekiel's life.  Before I go I will tell you this, I am truly amazed at how Ezekiel grows daily.  Not just physically but mentally.  He is getting smarter every day and it's the best feeling to see him do something new every day.  

One of my favorite moments to date was seeing Ezekiel laugh.  His laugh truly melts my heart.  One day as we were watching a pre-recorded reading of an ABC book (Steve's sister recorded a reading of a book online and sent it to us), Ezekiel starting laughing like I've never seen him before.  Luckily I had my phone right next to me and I was able to video the whole thing!  It's seriously the cutest thing ever!  Take a look for yourself :) --

See you later this week with a new recipe!

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