Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guest Post: Citrus Olive Oil Muffins by Christina of Desserts for Two

It's here!  Today we are jumping on a plane, with lots of luggage in hand, and moving to Florida!  The boxes are already on our way to our Condo and our car is waiting for us to arrive.  Now, we just need to get there!  That way we can start settling in as soon as possible :).  Because today is such a big day, I've gotten one of my very good blogging friends, Christina from Dessert for Two, to Guest Post for me!  I've loved Dessert for Two for quite some time, so when I finally got to meet her last year I was smitten.  She's kind and sweet, and I'm so happy to call her a friend.  Enjoy this wonderful treat that she prepared for you!

Well, hello there!  My name is Christina and I write the dessert blog Dessert For Two.  I’m so happy to be guest posting today for one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve ever met.  Krissy and I hit it off at the Foodbuzz festival last year, and in no time at all, the conversation turned to eating habits.  While Krissy and I bake plenty of sugary sweets, we both have a passion for vegetarian meals full of whole grains and healthy fats.  When she asked me to create a recipe for her, I instantly thought of heart-healthy olive oil cake.  I shrunk the cake down to make cupcakes, and I added plenty of citrus zest and crunchy toasted almonds.
The olive oil in these cupcakes gives the cakes the texture of rich pound cake.  I can’t quite decide if they are more suitable for breakfast or dessert, so try it both ways and let me know!

What I love about these cupcakes is that you can customize them to suit your tastes.  My current favorite flavor combination is 1/4 teaspoon grapefruit zest and 1/4 teaspoon of cara cara orange zest.  I use 1 tablespoon of each fruit’s juice.  If you have Meyer lemons on your tree right now, may I suggest an all Meyer lemon muffin?
She knows me so well :).  Thanks Christina for the wonderful Guest Post!  When I'm settled in my Florida kitchen, I'm baking up a batch of these lovely muffins. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fluffy Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty tired.  This weekend we moved our whole house.  Everything.  For the last month I’ve been packing like crazy, and then finally on Saturday we moved everything out.  But now were done and almost on our way to Florida.  Yah!

Because of all this packing and moving I haven’t been able to bake a lot, especially this past week.  No cookies, cakes, cupcakes, or even easy desserts.  Nothing.  It’s been sad.  I can’t wait until I can get back in the kitchen and bake again! 

Luckily, I baked up some items in advance so I can be sure to keep sharing delicious recipes with you.  And this recipe is one of them :).

As part of the Secret Recipe Club, I’ve baked up these delicious Peanut Butter Banana Cookies.  The recipe comes from A Taste of Home Cooking.  They are big and fluffy cookies, studded with Peanut Butter Chips and stuffed with a slice of Fresh Banana.  

One of my favorite things about these cookies is the size.  Normally I like cookies that are thin and crispier, but it’s nice to get a big, soft, and fluffy cookie.  Plus, with the slice of banana inside, the soft texture is really brought home perfectly.   


To view more recipes from the Secret Recipe Club, view the Blog Hop below {below the recipe}.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chocolate Chip Coffee Shortbread

Do you look at Foodgawker?  I have an app on my phone and I’m constantly looking at all the gorgeous food pictures.  I get inspiration on what to cook and bake next, and I just have fun looking at food.  Sometimes I go and look at the most gawked all-time, or the all-time most popular on foodgawker.  And almost always, the number 1 are these Espresso Chocolate Chip Shortbread by Use Real Butter.  Finally after seeing these cookies sooo many times, I made them! 

The main flavor of these cookies is coffee and chocolate chips.  The original recipe uses espresso, but I wanted a subtler coffee flavor.  They are crumbly and buttery, and truly have a great shortbread texture and taste.

These cookies would go great with a big cup of coffee or tea.  Or if your me, a tall glass of milk!  They also work really well as a snack because they are not overly sweet.

Now I know why these cookies are so popular! Don’t follow my example and wait so long to make these cookies.  You should really, really bake them yourselves… Now :).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baked Farro with Artichoke and Peas

My house is a mess.  A complete mess.  This is not my style.  I try to keep a very clean home.  I like things that are neat and clean, and not at all messy.  But, right now, I can’t keep the house clean.  And it’s because we are packing and moving out. 

In just one week exactly we are moving cross-country to Florida.  For at least one month, we will be in Florida for Steve’s Baseball Spring Training.  Then, who knows where will be.  All I know is that I will be with my husband on the road until September.  But for right now, I’m packing, packing, and packing some more.  

One thing that takes me away from all the mess of packing is cooking and baking.  I get in the kitchen and simply forget about what’s going on around me.  I’m comforted by the kitchen and food, and this meal is one of my favorites.  

It’s Baked Farro with Artichokes and Peas.  Farro is a grain very similar to Arborio Rice (the rice you use for Risotto).   However, Farro is a little bit chewier and thicker than Arborio Rice, but it still cooks up very similarly.  In this dish, Farro is baked with Strained Tomatoes, Vegetable Stock, and some herbs.  Then at the end you add in peas and chopped artichoke hearts, and finish it off with parmesan cheese.  It’s simple, delicious, and comforting.  

This is also a great way to make Rissotto.  Instead of slaving over the stove to cook up a batch of Risotto, use this exact recipe but substitute Arborio Rice instead.  The result will be just as fantastic as Stove-Top Risotto.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Milk Bar Mondays – Apple Pie Layer Cake

Last Wednesday morning I woke up and realized that I had to make this whole cake, plus photograph it, all in one day.  See the reason I had to do this on that Wednesday was because on Thursday morning we left for Steve’s sisters wedding.  We weren’t going to get back until late Sunday night, which leaves no time to bake the cake.  For some reason I totally misplaced the time and thought I had more of it.  But I didn’t. So I woke up Wednesday morning and made this complete cake – all 6 components of it.  

I made the Brown Butter Cake, Liquid Cheesecake, Pie Crumbs, Apple Cider Soak, Apple Filling, and Pie Crumb Frosting, all within a few hours.  Then I assembled the cake, let it chill for a couple hours (your supposed to freeze it for 12 hours but of course I couldn’t wait), and then photographed it.  And because I needed to reward myself, I ate a big piece of this Apple Pie Layer Cake. 

Wow!  That’s all I’ve got to say about this cake.  Wow!  It was incredible.  It was sweet, salty, buttery, crumbly, soft, rich, and smooth – Seriously, it really hit every flavor and texture perfectly.  

This recipe was chosen by Nicole of Sweet Peony for Milk Bar Mondays {where we bake our way through the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook}.  Head on over to her blog to view the recipe of this wonderful Apple Pie Layer Cake.  

Don’t forget to check out the others girls’ version of this cake:

Cassie from Bake Your Day
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Nicole from Sweet Peony
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Guest Post: Salted Turtle Cookies by Cassie from Bake Your Day

Today I have a wonderful Guest Post for you!  I am off in Santa Cruz for Steve's sister's wedding, and Cassie from Bake Your Day was gracious enough to create a wonderful recipe and share it with you.  Bake Your Day is one of my favorite blogs.  I read it daily and find many creative, delicious, and beautiful recipes.  The best part is that Cassie is one of the most sweet, authentic, and lovely girls I have met through blogging.  I am so honored to have Cassie Guest Post for me!  Enjoy these delicious Salted Turtle Cookies that she created for you :).

Hello Krissy’s Creations fans!  I am Cassie from Bake Your Day.  I “met” Krissy recently and instantly fell head over heels for her classy recipes and sophisticated style.  Her blog has quickly become one of my favorites.

 I was absolutely thrilled when Krissy asked me to do a guest post.  And I’m so excited to share one of my favorite things with you: cookies.  I am, admittedly, a cookie addict.  I like any kind of cookie.  I love cookie dough.  I also love to bake the cookies.  That formula is a deadly one, especially for my skinny jeans.  I definitely needed to hit the gym after this batch of cookies! 

 I created a new cookie for you.  If you are a fan of salty-and-sweet, this cookie is for you.  The sea salt and pecans add perfect salt companionship to the chocolate and caramel.  It’s the ultimate cookie flavor marriage.  The base of this cookie recipe is from my favorite-ever chocolate chip cookies from Cook’s Illustrated New Best Recipes Cookbook, which is my favorite-ever cookbook, too.  I use this base recipe for countless cookies and they always turn out so soft and chewy.  I attribute this to the melted butter, the brown sugar content being higher than granulated, and the added egg yolk.  The dough can’t be beat either.  Please don’t make these without trying the dough, ok?!

I hope you’ll stop by my blog soon; I’d love to have you there!  Thanks, Krissy, for having me! 

Thanks Cassie for a wonderful Guest Post!  I will be making these cookies right away.  I hope you do too :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blueberry Multigrain Pancakes

So, how was it?  How was your Valentines Day?!  Mine was fantastic!  Remember how I mentioned that every year we stay in, I cook dinner, and we watch a movie together.  Well on Monday my husband, Steve, surprised me by not going into the office.  He left in the morning and said he wouldn’t be back until way later in the day.  A couple hours later, he showed up at the front door with a gift in hand!  He then took me out to a wonderful Sushi lunch and stayed home all day with me.  {Oh, and he did my workout DVD with me!}. 

So, we started our Valentines Day on Monday.  But of course, I had to do something for him!  I made Baked Banana French Toast for breakfast {one of his favorite breakfasts}, and for dinner I made him a special Chinese Take-Out dinner.  He loves Chinese Takeout, but of course it’s not always good for you.  So I made his favorite recipes, just healthier versions – Ramen Soup, Homemade Sushi, Vegetable Dumplings, and Vegetable Steamed Buns.  And to top off the day, we watched The Vow!  I’m a cliché, girly-girl movie-lover, and Steve doesn’t mind taking me to these types of romantic movies.  Yep, he’s definitely a keeper!  Oh, and if you go watch that movie, get ready to cry.

{PS – Thank YOU so much for those of you who gave me ideas for Valentines Day dinner.  Everything you said sounded fantastic!  I will definitely be giving them a try sometime very soon :)}.

Another reason why my husband is a keeper is because he enjoys my healthy eating/cooking lifestyle.  I try to make every meal healthy and balanced, and this would annoy most husbands.  But Steve enjoys it.  And he especially enjoys these pancakes!  

These pancakes are healthy for you in so many ways.  They are made with Whole Wheat Flour, Oat Flour, and Rye Flour.  In these pancakes are egg whites instead of the full egg, olive oil instead of butter, agave nectar instead of sugar, and almond milk instead of whole milk or cream.  Plus some fresh blueberries are mixed into the batter to add more nutrients and flavor.  

The best part about these pancakes is that they taste nothing like healthy pancakes.  They taste incredibly delicious, and way better than any not-so-healthy pancake I’ve ever tasted.  Their fluffy, soft, flavorful, and truly one of the best pancakes I’ve ever had and made {to-date!}.  

Start your day off right with a big batch on these healthy, multigrain, blueberry, pancakes.  Enjoy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Velvet Baked Doughnuts

One of the most popular recipes on my blog is my Baked Doughnuts.  Without a doubt, every week, they are the most viewed recipes on Krissy’s Creations.  I think it’s because people like healthy desserts.  No matter how much you love the rich and decadent chocolate cake, it’s always nice to have some healthier dessert recipes when your looking for something a little lighter.

So, I have been making it a point to add some healthier recipes on this blog.  I already have the Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies that I posted a few weeks ago, and now I’m adding a more festive baked good for Valentines Day – These Red Velvet Baked Doughnuts.

These doughnuts are made are made with yeast, milk, apple cider vinegar, and cocoa, creating a delicious, light, red-velvet-flavored doughnut.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a doughnut pan, no need for one in this recipe!

I finished the doughnuts off with a Cream Cheese Glaze.  All together the doughnuts were tangy, slightly sweet, and perfectly Red Velvet.  These would be the perfect start, or finish, to your Valentines Day.

Enjoy and have a HAPPY Valentines Day tomorrow!  For the recipe, click here.  

I’m sure some of you have noticed that I have been linking a few of my recipes back to a website called Celebrations.  I create recipes for this website and many of them I want to show you.  I will continue to share these recipes with you over time and hope that you don’t mind having to go over to the website to get the recipe.  Thanks :). 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Sprinkles Cupcakes

Ever since college my husband and I have had a tradition every Valentines Day.  We stay at home, I cook the same special meal, and just relax on the couch watching a good, funny, romantic movie (or TV if we’re a little lazy!).  But this year I’m changing it up a little bit.  Not because I didn’t like our normal tradition, just because I think it’s time for change.

See, like I mentioned before, I make the same meal.  Grape Focaccia for appetizer, fish with asparagus and cheesy orzo for the main course, and something sweet for dessert.  But I want to make a different meal this year.  My cooking skills have progressed immensely and I want to make something extra-special.  The thing is, I have no clue what I want to make. 

Will you help me?  Please give me ideas on what I should make my husband for Valentines Dinner.  Pretty please!

At least I have some tasty Valentines Day dessert ideas to choose from.  Maybe I’ll make Raspberry Rosewater Cupcakes, Chocolate Soufflé Cupcakes, Red Velvet Oreos, or these Red and Pink Sprinkles Cupcakes.  

These cupcakes are one my favorite white cakes with red and pink sprinkles scattered throughout the whole cupcake.  While mixing the sprinkles into the batter, the sprinkles bleed and make a beautiful pink-colored cupcake.  I topped the cupcakes with a tangy cream cheese frosting, and then added some more pink and red sprinkles. 

Now what’s more festive for Valentines Day than these cupcakes?


To make these lovely cupcakes for your Valentines Day {or really any day!}, click here for the recipe.

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