Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 5 More Days & A Baby Shower

Me and Steve 4 Weeks ago at the Baby Shower
Hey everyone!  Happy Happy Thursday!  I know I've been gone for a while but things have been oh-so-crazy!  Other than being ONLY 5 DAYS away from my due date, we finally moved into our house!    After months of searching and more than 30 days of being in escrow, we got the keys to our new home last Friday.  Ever since that day it has been non-stop-all-day-every-day moving, unpacking, and setting up.  Finally today things are set up enough where we can live comfortably.  I haven't unpacked any of my small nick-nack decorations or put any artwork up, but at least all the major things are in their place.  But I will tell you one thing - Ezekiel's nursery is completely finished.  Top to bottom everything is ready and perfect in his room and I couldn't be more happy.

So as you know, I am only 5 days from my due date!  Many people thought Ezekiel was going to come early but it really doesn't seem that way.  I think he will be right on time.  And if I'm right, by this day next week we will have our little baby boy!  We couldn't be more excited, but I' not going to lie -- We're totally nervous.  This is brand new territory for us.  But I'm sure after he comes things will just click.  Let's hope so :).

A few weeks ago I mentioned my baby shower that I had at the beginning of September.  It was such a great day!  A lot of work went into planning the shower, but my biggest contribution was the dessert table.  Included was:

- Lemon Cake with Fluffy, Ombre Frosting
- White Chocolate Sprinkle Bark
- Oreo Pops
- Candy Buffet with an assortment of different candies

Everything turned out great!  It was colorful and fun, and was the perfect mix of sweets for the shower. I wanted to create a mix of desserts that were simple and complicated - such as the bark being super easy and the cake being a little bit more involved.  

I've attached links to some of the recipes that I've posted in the past, but I'll be sure to post the other recipes as well.  I'm not going to promise it's going to be soon {who knows how it'll be with the baby!}, but I will do it!

Here are some pictures of the dessert table and a couple more of my family to enjoy!

Me and my Mom
My Sister-in-Law Kathryn, Me, and My Sister Melissa

I'll try to be back soon to post a recipe before Ezekiel comes!  Thanks for being so patient with me.  I'm doing my best to balance everything.


  1. Yay! :)
    The shower was so fun and all the food/desserts were so good!

  2. You look amazing!  Your Mom and sister are gorgeous, you come by it honestly that's for sure.  Your shower look lovely (and delicious).  Best wishes for the safe and timely arrival of little Ezekiel!

  3. Very cute! Congrats on moving into the new place and the fun shower. Love the sweets!

  4. I love all the bright fresh colours at the shower, and all you ladies have such cute dresses! All the best in the last few days!!

  5. Love your dress! You are just adorable. Can't wait to hear baby news! EEE!

  6. wow you look gorgeous. you all look fab in your polka dot dresses, but i have to say... you wore it best! :)

  7. The shower is super adorable and so are you!  Lovely dress and HEELS! Go girl! :) Congrats on baby Ezekiel.  Can't wait to see pics of him!!  Miss you, girl!


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