Monday, August 20, 2012

Trix Treats

There’s no surprise that I’m a girl who loves color.  I love color in my wardrobe, my décor, and even my food.  So when I see a colorful dessert I’m immediately intrigued. 

I saw these Trix Treats on Pinterest a while ago.  I pin so many recipes on Pinterest and rarely ever go back and make them.  But one day I decided to go through all my dessert boards and pick a dessert to make – These were the winner.  It was the color that drew me in :).

These are just like Rice Krispie Treats, but instead of using Rice Krispie Cereal you use Trix Cereal.  Trix cereal is sugary and fruity so it makes a perfect treat when mixed with marshmallows. 

Enjoy these fun and colorful treats!

Trix Treats
For Printable Recipe, Click here!

Makes: About 12-15 squares, depending of the size you cut your squares

5 tbsp. Unsalted Butter
¼ tsp. Salt
10 ounces (1 large bag) of Marshmallows, I like to use the larger ones
1 tbsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
6 cups Trix Cereal

Butter the bottom of a 9x9 baking pan and set aside.

In a large saucepan, melt the butter over medium-low heat.  Add the marshmallows and salt, stirring occasionally, until the marshmallows are completely melted and smooth.  Stir in the vanilla. 

Add the cereal to the marshmallows and stir until the cereal is completely coated with the melted marshmallows.  Remove from the heat and stir a few more times to make sure the cereal is coated and there are no melted marshmallows on the bottom of the pan.  Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and press it down into the pan.  Because the mixture can be so sticky, I butter my hands to press the mixture into the pan.

Let the treats cool in the pan on counter until completely cooled and hardened, about 1 hour.  Cut into squares, and either wrap in plastic wrap individually or serve. 

These last up to 4 days wrapped in the plastic wrap or in a sealed container.

Recipe inspiration from Cravings of a Lunatic.


  1. TOO cute!  Last week I made Fruit Loops Bars. I think Twix bars need to be next :)

  2. CUTE! You could even do these for the baby shower! They are colorful and they are polka dot-ish!

  3. how fun!! i love all the bright colors! so wonderful:)

  4. sallys baking addictionAugust 21, 2012 at 7:53 AM

    so colorful!  Krissy, these bars steal my heart. I love gooey krispie treats, but adding some COLOR and one of my favorite childhood cereals to the mix makes it that much better :)

  5. This is awesome! I also love color, and this looks like so much fun!

  6. Hi Krissy. For some reason I just noticed you made these. Thanks so much for the mention and I must say yours look incredible. There is just something about krispies that makes me all weak in the knees. 

  7. I tried these last sunday and I have to say I love the idea and oh yes the colors are magnificent but I followed this recipe exactly and there was a rather thick layer of marshmallow gooeyness at the bottom. While that sounds good on paper (or blog) in reality it was unappetizing. So I'm going to go with the majority of similiar recipes and use a few more cups of cereal to balance the ratio. 

  8. La hice y quedó perfecta. ¡Gracias! :)


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