Monday, April 18, 2011



I have wanted to make Croissants for a really long time now.  However, I never had the time to make them because they are a process and take some time to put together.  I finally had some time on my hands and thought – let’s do it!  And wow – they were incredible!  They were buttery and tender and unbelievably mouth watering!

The process of making the Croissants was not very hard.   You just need to be ready for an involved recipe and have some time.  To tell you the truth, no matter how long or how difficult Croissants can be, they are 100% worth the effort!  The pleasure of biting into this wonderful pastry you made is worth it all.

We only have a couple Croissants left and they won’t be here for long!  Steve can’t keep his hands off them! 

For Recipe, Click here!


  1. Krissy they look delicious, those would be great for Easter brunch.

  2. These inspired Jesse to eat a croissant today. I'm sure it wasn't as good as yours though!


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